BSRIA’s mission is to “make buildings better” working with all built environment stakeholders to improve products, services and operation in the built environment. It is particularly focused on improvement in design and operation of buildings to meet the challenges of low or zero carbon operation. It supplies instruments and calibration, product testing, consultancy, market intelligence and operates from both its Head office base in Bracknell and through BSRIA North in Preston and a network of regional operators for site-based activities. Much of the company´s expertise and knowledge has been gained from many years of independent and authoritative research, providing a strong intellectual base supporting private consultancy at the highest level of service and at competitive prices.

The company carries a number of accreditations covering management and technical operations and operates under strict rules of client confidentiality.

With large-scale environmentally controlled test facilities and a full range of equipment able to assess heat exchange and airflow based products in the laboratory and on site, BSRIA supports all sectors of industry in construction and their clients in operation of their buildings. To complement this practical work, the company also offers business improvement services derived from market intelligence studies and management and process consultancy. It now has offices located in France, Spain, North America and Beijing, with a representative branch in Brazil.

BSRIA has a membership base of over 750 companies drawn from all sectors of the mechanical, electrical engineering, and construction community and a very extensive information service supports contractors, designers, manufacturers and building operators/owners. With a membership representing the supply chain in the sector, BSRIA is uniquely placed to undertake collaborative R&D that brings sustainable benefits to the built environment.

Chief Executive: Julia Evans
Engineering Director: Mike Smith
Finance Director: Eian Hardacre
Technical Director: Lynne Ceeney
Turnover: £14.8 million
Number of staff: 202

BSRIA in the news

June 14, 2018
Congratulations on Queen’s Birthday Honours List for BSRIA Chief Executive, Julia Evans


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