AIRTO welcomes applications for membership from any business or organisation operating in the Innovation, Research and Technology sector which has an enthusiasm for business improvement and optimisation, and enhancing national innovation policy through knowledge sharing with like minded organisations.

Improve and develop your business through sharing best practice – opportunities are provided through formal knowledge sharing activities and through informal networking.

Influence and improve the climate for your business – opportunities are provided through excellent links with government and with business across all sectors, and through arranged structured contacts with key decision makers therein.

Being an AIRTO member provides you with formal knowledge sharing through our Interest Groups which deal with specific operational or business interests including:-

  • CEOs
  • Company Secretaries and Finance Directors
  • Cybersecurity
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Gearing up to 2.4% GDP for R&D in the UK
  • Health and Safety
  • Human Resources
  • Legal Affairs and Procurement
  • Marketing and Communications
  • National Laboratories
  • Public Sector and European Union
  • Quality Management
  • Net Zero
  • Covid-19 Contingency Planning

Informal networking to share knowledge is facilitated by common interests, and the trust that exists amongst members.

Influence and improve the climate for your business
AIRTO holds group membership of the CBI and is a channel to and from this organisation, we produce consultation papers on topical items and facilitate structured dialogue with government, and business, policy and decision makers, including:-

  • Ministers, Parliamentarians, Select Committee Chairs
  • Government Department and Agency officials
  • Chief Scientists
  • Business leaders


Subscription levels for AIRTO based on company turnover:

Turnover Subscription
Under £1 million £740
£1 million plus £1,460
£2 million plus £2,435
£5 million plus £3,260
£10 million plus £3,735
£30 million plus £4,285
£50 million plus £4,885
£70 million plus £5,640
£100 million plus £6,595

Subscription levels* from 1 July 2020, £ exclusive of VAT.

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