NNL Chief Executive, Prof. Paul Howarth, to retire in 2025

After 13 years as Chief Executive of the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL), Prof. Paul Howarth has announced that he will retire in Spring 2025.

As part of ongoing succession planning, the timing of his retirement has been carefully considered in consultation with the NNL Board to ensure a smooth transition into the next phase of leadership.

The Board is now working to identify an appropriate successor to undertake this hugely prestigious role at the heart of the UK’s nuclear sector, and will be working with Thor Executive, to ensure a robust and extensive procedure to secure the right candidate.

Commenting on the news, NNL’s Chairman Ian Funnell said:

“Paul will leave behind a legacy of impact and success for NNL and for UK nuclear. He was not only influential in the establishment of NNL as the UK’s national laboratory for nuclear fission – recognising the value of preserving our country’s sovereign nuclear capabilities – but he has also steered it through successive governments and a changing global landscape to become the organisation it is now.

“Under Paul’s tenure, NNL has grown in size and stature, becoming an integral part of the UK’s nuclear sector and recognised for its world-leading capabilities and contributions to nuclear science. With the importance of NNL only continuing to increase, as the role of nuclear does here and internationally, we are very pleased that Paul will remain in place for another year to ensure a smooth transition for the organisation.

“Until then, I would like to pay tribute to Paul’s contribution to NNL and to the broader nuclear sector. Paul has developed NNL as a respected world leader in nuclear science and has helped steer NNL into a position fit for a renewed nuclear sector, for generations to come.”

NNL Chief Executive Prof. Paul Howarth said:

“It is a privilege to undertake the role of CEO for NNL and I continue to find immense enjoyment and professional satisfaction in over the years. From NNL’s early establishment as the continuation of British Nuclear Fuels Limited’s research arm, to the pivotal national laboratory we now are, it has been a pleasure to oversee some world-leading advancements in the UK’s nuclear capabilities. In doing so, I have had the opportunity to work with so many talented and inspiring minds within NNL and across our customer and partner organisations; I would like to thank you all for your individual and collective contributions.

“The role of nuclear in the UK and globally – and thus the role of NNL – is only continuing to grow in significance and I am looking forward to seeing through the programmes and opportunities already underway and in the immediate pipeline. It is clear that the next 12 months will represent another momentous year for the UK’s nuclear and energy sectors and I am keen to ensure NNL is placed to deliver on its vital role within this, as a strategic national asset for the UK.

“I am proud and pleased that I will be leaving NNL in such an important position as part of the wider nuclear landscape but will of course be sad to miss out on some of the future contributions that our laboratory will continue to make. In the meantime, I very much look forward to marking another excellent year with colleagues before my retirement next year.”….Read more