Innovate UK Plan for Action for Business Innovation launched

Vision for the UK to become a global hub for innovation by 2035

Announcing Innovate UK KTN

Innovate UK is changing its relationship with its Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) to create Innovate UK KTN

Hybrid Air Vehicles signs teaming agreement with AMRC

Airlander 10 to be the first aircraft capable of carrying up to 100 passengers to achieve zero emissions flight

CPI awarded gold standard for early career development

CPI making a lasting impact on the next generation of innovative scientists

AI identifies crops from space with 90% accuracy

CropLens AI, an advanced machine learning algorithm that identifies crops from satellite-derived cloud-penetrating radar

Pioneering collaboration to advance zero-carbon green hydrogen

A new ITM Gigafactory expected to be fully operational by the end of 2023

World renowned Scottish forging and forming research centre opening an office in ‘steel city’

A £20m facility that includes the world’s most advanced hot forging platform

St Helens’ Ground-Breaking Glass Futures Takes The Stage at COP26

Based in the traditional centre of the UK glass making industry in St Helens, Glass Futures is a unique, industry-backed Research and Technology Organisation

Becoming a ‘Science and Technology Superpower’ requires HMG to keep its foot on the R&D accelerator

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