CPI and North East innovators awarded half a million fund for cultivated meat project

The organisations will work together to develop low emission food production systems at a lower cost than is currently possible.

The project is set to use engineered protein materials produced by MarraBio which may replace more expensive materials currently being used in larger scale productions for cultivated meat at a significantly reduced cost.

Current evidence suggests the UK needs to change its eating habits as traditionally farmed meat is said to contribute up to 60% of food-production-related greenhouse gas emissions, with lab-grown meat potentially able to reduce emissions by up to 90%.

The project will take place at our recently launched Novel Food Innovation Centre in Wilton, Redcar, with an expected completion date of December 2024.

Brendan Fish, Biologics Director at CPI, said:

We are delighted to be working with MarraBio and Aelius Biotech on this exciting project. It’s another step towards establishing the North East as the UK’s hub for greener food production systems. Food production is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. Ensuring a sustainable food industry that is fit for the future is a challenge we know we must act on now if we are going to reach our ambition of becoming ​Net Zero”. It’s fantastic to see the North East stepping up and meeting that challenge head on.”