Access TWI expertise with funding from Innovate UK Edge

TWI has built up a reputation over the decades of supporting some of the best-known names in global industry.

As a membership-based organisation, our charter decrees that we can only work with Member companies or projects that are supported through public funding, such as Innovate Edge.

New funding from Innovate Edge means that organisations can access our support without becoming Members or having to pay a penny for our expert services.

Aimed at businesses with fewer than 500 employees, this new initiative offers eligible companies with a grant of up to £15,000 to cover the cost of both our technical and business support services.

The support, which is paid for through the Innovate Edge programme, covers a wide range of services offered by TWI.

TWI is not just welding – our technical support services cover a wide range of areas, including:

  • Engineering Consultancy; including effective application of welding; joining and allied processes; demonstrating product integrity and performance; establishing cause and mitigating the effects of product or asset failure, including health and safety
  • Process and Product Development; design for manufacturing and inspection; material and product testing; process modelling and simulation; prototyping
  • Technical Support; codes and standards; training courses; certification schemes; welding engineering
  • Product Testing; testing for new product ideas at TWI’s UK facilities
  • Digital Strategy; automation; connectivity; data science; modelling and simulation; software development
  • Technical Expertise and Specialist Industry Advice; covering construction and engineering, aerospace, automotive, energy and environment, oil and gas, chemical, equipment, consumables, materials, composites, electronics, photonics, and medical
  • Collaboration; access TWI’s vast network of customers, services and Industrial Member companies

In addition to our technical expertise, we can provide fully-funded business support, advice and expertise through Innovate Edge, including:

Business Support Services:

  • Business Advisory and Market Analysis
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Advisory Services
  • Cost Modelling
  • Business Modelling and Strategy Support
  • Business Process Improvement Support; including support towards the implementation of ISO 9001:2015
  • Strategy and Pitching; creation of strategic narrative for market entry and/or pitching for collaboration
  • R&D Support; industry‐relevant R&D project planning, collaboration and partnership building
  • Government Advisory Services; advice on government processes, services and funding opportunities

This support is available to both Industrial Member and non-Member companies of TWI – providing up to £15,000 of paid-for project support.

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