Earlham Institute becomes first UK site to receive Illumina NovaSeq X Plus

The Earlham Institute has taken receipt of the NovaSeq X Plus, the first site in the UK and among the first in Europe to install this latest sequencing system from Illumina.

The system enables a major uplift in throughput and accuracy, bolstering the Institute’s growing range of cutting-edge technology needed to drive forward data-intensive bioscience.

The NovaSeq™ X series includes two new instruments, both powered by XLEAP-SBS chemistry. The Plus system features two stages capable of generating up to 16 terabases of data per run.

At full capacity, the system will more than double the sequencing throughput of earlier systems available at the Institute, while enabling faster, cheaper, and more sustainable workflows.

The acquisition of the NovaSeq X Plus was made possible by capital grant funding from the UKRI-Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council.

Dr Karim Gharbi, Head of Genomics Pipelines at the Earlham Institute, said: 

“Our investment in the NovaSeq X was largely motivated by the rapid growth of cellular multi-omics and other data-intensive research carried out at the Earlham Institute and in the wider bioscience community. But the platform will bring benefits across the board, with increased cost-efficiency, resolution, and sensitivity.

We’re excited to be the first place in the UK to provide access to this technology, which will transform our own research and that of others – whether that’s for collaborative or contract research.”

Given its ability to rapidly and reliably generate omics data at scale, the platform will be central to the Earlham Institute’s delivery of its strategic research programmes – particularly in spatial and single-cell analysis. If you haven’t engaged with the Earlham Institute before and want to see how this combination of infrastructure and expertise can support your science, get in touch.

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