Accelerating AgriTech adoption in the UK

The Agriculture sector is often seen as slow in adopting new technologies.

With all the challenges currently facing the British food system (e.g. the recent substantial increases in prices of inputs such as fertilisers, labour shortages, reduced number of crop protection active ingredients etc.) this can be worrying. AgriTech may unlock the key to some, if not all, of those challenges, but without adoption, the industry will fall short in realising the potential that innovation can bring.

In October 2022, Innovate UK KTN brought together 28 members of its Animal and Plant Sector Advisory Boards, to understand the views of different stakeholders on what the barriers to adoption of AgriTech are and how they might be addressed. The board members are a mix of academics and representatives from multinational agribusinesses and agriculture SMEs. This in-person meeting was held at Newcastle University’s Cockle Park Research Farm. During the workshop Innovate UK KTN asked what end-users (farmers/producers), tech developers and funders are doing well, and what they could do better to improve adoption. By understanding the barriers and opportunities to accelerate technology adoption, Innovate UK KTN can inform innovators, funders, and policy makers as well as promote developments and future activity in this important area. Read more…