UK Space-Based Solar Power Project Secures Government Funding

Space innovation and technology company the Satellite Applications Catapult has taken the first step in the development of a new sustainable energy technology from space.

The Catapult has secured almost £500k in funding from the UK Space Agency to kick-start research and development into a future Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP) system, which will ultimately create a new, fully renewable baseload energy technology.

The project, which runs until March 2023, will complete three important pieces of enabling work for SBSP:

Wireless power transmission from space – it will investigate how to deliver a high-altitude demonstration of wireless power transmission and simulate the power density effects of SBSP on satellites and aircraft.

Standard tooling interface development for in-orbit servicing and manufacturing – it will research the tools needed for the manipulation, servicing and assembly of modular structures in space and produce prototypes to support their standardisation.

Programme Assurance – it will look at best practice engineering processes for complex energy programmes, identify existing standards and gaps for SBSP relevant technologies, and create a regulatory roadmap for the technology…Read more