Defra appoints Agrimetrics and Telespazio as service provider for key environmental data

Telespazio UK and Agrimetrics awarded Defra Data Services Platform (DSP3) contract

The current DSP2 platform serves 650 Defra Group partners and 300 contractors and supported 1.8 billion Application Programming Interface calls in 2019-2021

The new data service will provide the next generation data marketplace which will help improve the wider reusability of Defra’s rich data for public use

‍Telespazio UK, a subsidiary of Telespazio (a joint venture between Leonardo, 67%, and Thales, 33%), and partner Agrimetrics have been awarded the Data Services Platform (DSP3) contract by the UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra).

‍Defra collects a substantial amount of environmental (including animal and plant health, farming, biosecurity, operational) data critical to achieving its strategic objectives in helping wider Government, the commercial sector and stakeholders meet targets to protect and improve the environment. By sharing its data, Defra can provide stakeholders with data and evidence to monitor change and inform future decision making and operational services which are critical for improving our environment and other Defra outcome priorities. Better data helps make better decisions, which will be vital in achieving the nation’s environmental improvements. Telespazio UK and Agrimetrics are proud to help Defra deliver the ambition of the Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan.

‍Together, Telespazio UK and Agrimetrics will provide a next generation evolution of the data services platform in the frame of the DSP3 contract. Telespazio UK has more than 40 years’ experience of delivering operational, end-user-driven services for a multitude of UK and European customers. Agrimetrics, an SME created through Innovate UK funding in 2015, has created and is operating the enterprise grade Data Marketplace for the UK agri-food sector…Read more