The UK Agri-Tech centres react to role of innovation set out in UK Government Food Strategy

The UK Government Food Strategy, which applies to England, sets out plans for supporting secure, resilient and sustainable food production and supply; mitigating the food system’s impact on climate change; and healing and enhancing landscapes and nature – all against the backdrop of levelling up and ensuring we play our wider role in a healthy and sustainable global food system.

The UK Agri-Tech Centres welcome the recognition in the strategy of the vital role that innovation plays in achieving its objectives. We are already working closely with Defra, along with our main funder Innovate UK and other government, public and commercial partners in England and the devolved nations, to increase UK agri-tech’s contribution to sustainable and resilient agrifood systems.

Our work is aligned with the goals of the strategy in that it is helping to get effective innovation into the hands of end users in farming and the food supply chain more quickly, in order to bring economic and environmental benefits to the agrifood sector, boost the wider UK economy, and support One Health for people and planet….Read More