Science in Parliament – Gearing up to 2.4%: Growing the UK’s R&D activity

The UK has a thriving Innovation, Research and Technology (IRT) sector, offering people with the right skills and expertise, and substantial resources, to deliver the UK’s Industrial Strategy. The sector plays a critical independent role in helping industry cope with and share the costs and risks of innovation. By utilising this world-class asset to its full capacity in playing a central part in achieving the government’s 2.4% target, we stand to gain global competitive advantage by improving the scope and productivity of UK industry.

In January 2019, AIRTO launched its new position statement at a reception in the Palace of Westminster hosted by Heidi Allen, the Member of Parliament for South Cambridgeshire. We were delighted to be joined by our members, parliamentarians, representatives from government, industry and allied organisations to network and discuss the role of the UK’s Innovation, Research & Technology (IRT) sector in delivering the Modern Industrial Strategy. Read the full article in the Spring issue of Science in Parliament magazine (pages 24-27) here