Apply for membership

Please download and complete the following form download a copy (Microsoft Word) and email it back to us at

The application should be completed by organisations seeking election to AIRTO. (In some circumstances the AIRTO Board may require further information to consider the application).

All information will be regarded as confidential and will only be used for consideration of an application for election to AIRTO and, following election, to compile general statistics for the AIRTO memberships.

We regard it as important that new members should have a business basis, status and aims compatible with those of existing members and the details requested are intended to establish whether this is the case.

AIRTO membership is driven by applications from organisations which perceive benefit and thus request membership, rather than by restrictive criteria.

Please note that membership is only available to companies and organisations and partnerships.  Membership is not available to individuals.

What’s next

Once the application form is emailed to us, we will consider the application. In certain circumstances we may require further information before a decision is made.

If your application is successful, we will send you our Memorandum and Articles of Association which then must be completed, signed and returned to us.

Along with the returned documents mentioned above, you will also need to submit;

  • A copy of your organisation’s latest audited accounts
  • If applicable, a copy of your latest annual return submitted to Companies House
  • A publicity brochure or similar background information about your organisation