New Space Enterprise Lab opens at CSA Catapult in Newport, South Wales

The latest addition to the Satellite Applications Catapult’s network of Space Enterprise Labs (SEL) has opened at the Compound Semiconductor Applications (CSA) Catapult in Newport, South Wales, providing companies and academics access to the latest collaborative technology, resources and expertise.

The innovative and inclusive services at the Space Enterprise Labs enable the virtual delivery of meetings, business sprints, user engagement spark sessions and other services such as virtual whiteboards and built-in video conferencing, for everyone within the UK space sector to utilise.

The Space Enterprise Labs were created in response to the changing needs of space organisations since the global pandemic and a need to collaborate virtually with stakeholders in many locations.

Space Enterprise Labs are free to use and open to existing space organisations and academic institutions across the country. Located across the country, Space Enterprise Labs provide users with Zoom licenses, virtual reality headsets and access to Microsoft Surface Hubs as well as a modern, professional and safe working environment.

CSA Catapult is at the forefront of applying compound semiconductor technologies to space applications, supporting a network of space-based businesses and organisations across the country.

Compound semiconductors enable a number of space-based applications where harsh environments, temperature range, and reliability are all major considerations, which enables CSA Catapult’s expertise in advanced packaging and harsh environmental and reliability testing to be utilised…Read more