Innovating in the face of challenge

We have found new ways of working as part of our agile response to the global pandemic. By turning challenge into opportunity, we have been able to innovate and grow as an organisation, as well as improve what we do and how we do it.

The global pandemic has presented Thatcham Research with some major challenges in recent months. But it’s also given us the chance to rethink, improve and embrace new opportunities.

We are an incredibly resilient organisation that is built on solid foundations, including robust finances, enduring industry relevance, high stakeholder value and the relentless inquisitiveness of our passionate colleagues.

Thanks to our structure and inherent flexibility, we have been able to continue Driving Change during the pandemic by steering members, customers, carmakers, apprentices and motorists through the most radically transformative period in the history of the automotive sector.

But we’ve also used the last few months to identify ways we can offer even more value to those that rely on us as an impartial research organisation that is determined to make vehicles safer and more secure.

Through physical distancing, the pandemic has enabled us to think keenly about how we can stay together and pull in the same direction…Read more