£22 Million invested into TWI facilities and equipment

TWI has invested £22 million into improving facilities across the UK and upgrading the equipment that is available for use in Industrial Member projects.

As a not-for-profit enterprise, TWI has reinvested income into our facilities, improving and expanding the working environment at our sites in Port TalbotMiddlesbrough and Great Abington near Cambridge.

This includes an investment in new equipment to allow us to remain on the cutting-edge of technology and provide a world-beating service to our customers working in industries including nuclearelectrificationnew energyconstruction and infrastructureadvanced manufacturingaerospacedefence, and more.

The investment into new technology and infrastructure has been made achievable by advances made over the last four years that have seen TWI’s net worth grow from £57 million in 2018 to £206 million in 2021.

We have expanded our capabilities for structural integritycharacterisation and non-destructive testing of welds and additive manufactured parts as well as the assessment of materials in harsh environments. This includes a new permeation rig that can help assess the lifetime of materials, including polymers, while also monitoring their potential environmental impact.

Our modelling and simulation facilities have also been developed further, allowing for virtual testing to be undertaken for purposes such as structural integrity ahead of any physical testing, thereby reducing costs for our customers.

TWI testing has also been advanced for aggressive environRead more