Open access Digital Twins of fields to accelerate innovation

  • Fields of the World, an open access dataset containing digital twins of international fields, has been launched on the Agrifood Data Marketplace
  • Fields of the World will enable digital solutions to be created and tested more rapidly and cost effectively.
  • Agriculture, food supply chain, green finance, insurance, commodities, and academic sectors stand to benefit.
  • The effort has been supported by Microsoft’s AI for Earth initiative
  • You can watch the launch webinar recording.

‍Data are holding back data-driven innovation. Despite there being more data than ever before, finding and accessing the right data is difficult. Increasingly, datasets need to be combined; integration is relatively simple if the data sources are interoperable, but they rarely are.

Agrimetrics, the Agrifood Data Marketplace, addresses this challenge by making data interoperable. Today, they announced the release of Fields of the World, an open-access dataset created with the support of Microsoft’s AI for Earth initiative. Dr. Matthew Smith, Agrimetrics’s Chief Product Officer explained:

“Agrimetrics and Microsoft saw a great opportunity to use the capabilities of the Agrimetrics Data Marketplace to make it easier for innovators to get the data they need by interoperating agricultural field data from different sources. Now, with a single query, they can pull weather, location, soil and satellite derived property data directly into their workflows, saving time and enabling them to focus more on innovating their solutions.”  Read more