Lucideon and NNL Join Forces to Develop Global Nuclear Technology

The agreement builds on an initial project, announced one year ago, where NNL contracted Lucideon to utilise its world leading Flash Sintering technology to develop improved manufacturing methods for advanced nuclear fuels under the £46m Advanced Fuel Cycle Programme (AFCP), which is part of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s (BEIS) £505m Energy Innovation Programme.

Lucideon has made a multi-million-pound investment in Flash Sintering, a novel technique using the application of a direct electric field to a material body, resulting in rapid and controlled sintering at much lower temperatures.

The technique could revolutionise a number of different manufacturing processes for nuclear and non-nuclear applications.

The agreement between Lucideon and NNL – with a commitment confirmed through the signing of a MoU – will see the development of deployable technological solutions that provide a step change in manufacturing performance and productivity related to advanced nuclear fuels and novel waste disposal methods.

Gareth Headdock, NNL’s VP Government and New Build, said: “NNL is excited to extend our partnership with Lucideon as part of AFCP’s expansive UK network.

“Through this collaboration, we are seeing real impact in driving innovative, UK-made clean energy technologies with great promise to support the nation’s net zero transition. Read more…