AWE explores robotics opportunities with the National Robotarium

The delegation from AWE and the National Robotarium during the visit to this new facility. Credit: Heriot-Watt University

AWE representatives had a treat when recently visiting academic partner, Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. The visit provided a sneak preview of the National Robotarium, a multi-million-pound facility and the UK’s leading centre for robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), along with a chance to discuss future opportunities.

The National Robotarium is due to open in the autumn and become home to the largest and most advance applied research facility for robotics and AI in the UK. The AWE delegation was shown the University’s specialist Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Human and Robot Interaction, and High-Precision Manufacturing labs, which will be used as shared test centres for the development of robotic solutions to real-world industry challenges.

A workshop also took place on the mutual sharing of knowledge and how best to advance research and teaching in the use of robotics and AI for safeguarding and security. Attendees also discussed future talent programmes and how best to equip students with practical robotics and AI skills that could be utilised within different sectors and industry roles.

AWE Head of Outreach, Professor Norman Godfrey, said: “The National Robotarium at Heriot-Watt University is a fantastic new UK facility. Its formation provides a unique opportunity for AWE to engage at the earliest stage with the technologies, processes and policies it is developing for multiple industrial partners.”

Dr Richard Carter, Academic Lead in Precision Laser Applications, said: “This visit has provided an opportunity to explore how we can expand our relationship into the field of robotics and AI, and to showcase our new facility as a hub for creating innovative, cutting-edge research and technology with different industry and government partners.”

Heriot-Watt University is one of AWE’s longest-established academic partners, carrying out science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) research for mutual benefit…Read more