Data cloud and data science academy to unlock a ‘new wave of industrial innovation

Technology entrepreneur David Richards is to chair a new commission for the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies such as robotics, sensors, 3D printing and augmented reality within UK industry.

The Digital Meet Manufacturing Commission’s work is expected to increase labour and resource productivity, enhance asset utilisation, and create more accurate forecasting, coupled with reduced maintenance and inventory costs and shorter time to market.

The commission will oversee the development of a new digital infrastructure – the AMRC Data Cloud – to give manufacturers access to “bleeding-edge” data tools and technologies to boost productivity, make informed decisions on carbon output, and drive economic and employment growth. The commission will also oversee the launch of a new data science academy to equip engineers with the latest methodologies to create ‘bilingual’ talent in the workforce: people who understand both data science and the inner workings of manufacturing.

The AMRC Data Cloud will enable manufacturers to take advantage of the data they generate from their operations and gain new insights with the potential to transform industrial processes, companies and industries. The cloud infrastructure will be created with support from world-leading software vendors including Databricks, Microsoft and WANdisco and will be ready for launch in the first half of the next financial year.

With backing from the AMRC and the Local Enterprise Partnership, training provider EyUp Skills will deliver an intensive new data science programme to teach individuals about the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques using the AMRC Data Cloud. These individuals will be able to help their employers exploit the power of data and digital within their factories. The part-funded course will be available via day release or evening classes…Read more