ES Catapult – Seven Net Zero commitments for COP26

The Government should include fossil fuel pollution from heating in the new post-Brexit emissions trading scheme and create a new market for Greenhouse Gas Removals, according to a new report from Energy Systems Catapult.

The Government should also introduce a new carbon regulator to help verify emission reductions from sectors where emissions are hard to measure, such as agriculture.

The seven recommendations from the net zero innovation and technology centre will help to maintain UK global leadership on climate action, which will be put to the test in two months at COP26 and in the upcoming Net Zero Strategy.

They will also help unlock investment and innovation on the scale needed to meet the net zero targets across all major emitting sectors – travel, heating, manufacturing, power generation, and farming practices.

Seven Recommendations for Policymakers:

  • 1. Commit to establishing a Carbon Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification and Accounting Regulator
  • 2. Commit to expanding the scope of the UK Emissions Trading System to cover heating and road     transport emissions
  • 3. Commit to fully adopting long-term carbon performance standards in the buildings sector by 2035.
  • 4. Commit to adopting a Net Zero emissions by 2035 policy driver for the electricity sector
  • 5. Commit to developing an enduring set of incentives for deep industrial decarbonisation with   appropriate mechanisms to mitigate competitiveness impacts
  • 6. Commit to linking new agricultural reward schemes to the adoption of climate friendly farming   practices and land use changes
  • 7. Commit to creating a linked Greenhouse Gas Removals Marketplace to deal with up to ~100 MtCO2e of residual emissions annually by 2050…Read more