Thatcham Research

Chief Executive: Jonathan Hewett
Turnover: £18.4 million
Number of staff: 191

Thatcham Research carries out vehicle research which underpins the UK motor insurance group rating structure, provides essential repair methodology and training to the repair body shops.

Thatcham Research has an important role in influencing the design of cars on the UK roads focused on improving safety, repair and security standards, and is an active partner of the Euro NCAP car safety rating company.

Thatcham Research provides international best-practice engineering consultancy on vehicle risk rating of security, damage, repair and safety engineering, and works closely with vehicle manufacturers, in undertaking crash testing and evaluating new technology.


Thatcham Research
Colthrop Way
RG19 4NR

Tel: 01635 868 855
Fax: 01635 871 346