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Successful innovation relies on creative thinking coupled to the infrastructure and mechanisms that translate this thinking into commercial reality. Nowhere are the possibilities more exciting than in the harnessing of mathematical thinking, and this is the space in which the Smith Institute operates.

The opportunities are all around us. Quantifying and managing uncertainty; complex operational planning; real-time decision-making; building new services and processes: these challenges are multi-sectoral and their solutions are greatly enhanced through establishing a firm underpinning through mathematical thinking – modelling.

For many of our clients, we find that there are proven approaches in very different areas of application, which are cost-effective to adapt for new purposes. This is why the Smith Institute is able to operate effectively across multiple business sectors. We are ideally placed to identify and leverage connections on a broad front, to make progress quickly and with confidence.

We particularly relish ground-breaking projects where the stakes are high. These are the projects with the greatest potential for innovation and impact. To meet these ambitions, we are recruiting and developing staff of the highest quality. To ensure that we can grow without any compromise on quality, we have developed working procedures with the latest ISO9001:2015 and CyberEssentials Plus certifications. Our people have the skills and know-how to develop solutions to today’s challenges but also tomorrow’s, and to do so in ways that deliver value to our clients as rapidly as possible. From our current numbers of about 35, we plan to grow organically to double our present size of the next five years.

President: Dr Bruce Smith
Chief Executive Officer: Dr Heather Tewkesbury
Chief Technical Officer: Dr Robert Leese
Turnover: £2 million
Number of staff: 30

Smith Institute in the news

September 17, 2018
The Smith Institute wins prestigious science prize


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