SATRA Technology

SATRA is an independent research and testing organisation established in 1919. It has technical facilities in the UK and China serving customers throughout the world. As well as testing products and components to European and international standards across a wide range of industry sectors, SATRA develops, manufactures and sells test equipment. SATRA is a Notified Body for various European directives including personal protection equipment (PPE), which is one of SATRA’s largest sector operations.

SATRA is considered a leading technical authority for footwear and leather, and companies from these industries can become members of SATRA to gain exclusive access to SATRA test methods, accreditation, consultancy, research facilities, technical training and factory production management systems. A number of SATRA systems are recognised in the supply chain as setting industry standards for quality and production efficiency.

As well as the knowledge and experience of its technologists, what distinguishes SATRA is the volume of technical information it has published since 1935 in the form of magazines and books to help promote quality, excellence and professionalism throughout consumer products industries. Much of this information is now available online.

Chief Executive: John Hooker
Finance Director: Simon Botterill
Turnover: £13 million
Number of staff: 200


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Tel: 01536 410 000
Fax: 01536 410 626