Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult

The Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult is a Not for Profit organisation headquartered in south Wales. It is focused on accelerating the adoption of compound semiconductors and on bringing applications to life in three technology areas: Power Electronics, RF & Microwave and Photonics. The next wave of emerging applications will have an enormous impact on our lives. 5G communications will enable a host of new and exciting applications such as connected autonomous vehicles and multimedia services. Increasing demand for clean energy will require new electricity networks, while advanced sensing will open-up new opportunities for health diagnostics and security. These developments will be underpinned by compound semiconductor (CS) technologies.

The Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult exists to help the UK economy grow and works across the UK within a range of industry sectors from automotive to medical, and from digital communications to aerospace. As well as the three technology areas, CSA Catapult is also working in the area of Advanced Packaging.

CSA Catapult
Imperial Park
Innovation Centre
Celtic Way
NP10 8BE