Agrimetrics is a big data centre of excellence for the whole agri-food value chain, from farm through to consumer. Our aims are to become a trusted and valued independent broker for stakeholders across the agri-food sectors by facilitate the sharing of data, and to become the most reliable and innovative evidence base provider for the agri-food sector, enabling it to become more resilient and profitable, and achieving sustainable intensification

To this end, we are creating a secure data hub for the agri-food community that adds value and improves access to publicly funded data sources. We can advise, develop and implement knowledge-based services that build resilience and sustainability in the agri-food industry.

Agrimetrics is building a scalable computational platform for data integration and modelling, from a range of sources to enable smarter analytics, including mathematical and statistical modelling and visualisation, and to remove barriers to entry for businesses wishing to develop new data products and services.

Agrimetrics will also support businesses in developing their data science, data modelling and analytics capabilities by offering expertise, easier access to relevant data sets, data processing capability, consultancy, training and secondments to upskill the agri-food workforce.

Chief Executive Officer: David Flanders
Director of Finance: Paul Extance
Turnover: £1.7 million
Number of staff: 17


Lawes Open Innovation Hub
Rothamsted Research
West Common

Tel: 01582 938 104