LYVA Labs supports second Investor Ladder event in Liverpool

LYVA Labs CEO Lorna Green was amongst the panelists at the Investor Ladder investment event which brought together key people in all aspects of innovation and investment from across the UK, along with an impressive showcase of SMEs with a focus on both impact investment and healthcare.

Speaking at the event, which took place on September 28th at The Spine, Lorna also headed up a roundtable where she discussed pre-seed medtech funding.

Following on from the event in 2020 which looked at the challenges facing the industry, this year’s Investor Ladder focused on the new initiatives, investment vehicles and innovation programmes that have evolved over the last year. It also aimed to provide the opportunity for small businesses and innovators to network and connect with investment companies, and open doors to potential collaborations and partnerships.

As well as Lorna’s pre-seed medtech investment session, other round table topics included talent & people by Gordon Bateman, recession-proof healthcare hosted by Andy Round and Helen Heap discussed social impact investing.

Lorna Green said: “The Liverpool City Region is becoming a hotbed for innovation. Though exciting, this also comes with its own challenges. The Investor Ladder event allowed for those industry challenges to be addressed, whilst giving the chance for people to mutually discuss opportunities within the sector.

The roundtable discussion provided an informal chat on important industry topics for both investors and innovators. Networking events such as Investor Ladder allow innovators to explore investment opportunities and gain valuable insights into current key trends. This makes events like this imperative for our region and it also allows investors and key industry people to see the immense talent on offer within this brilliant region.”

LYVA Labs provides local SMEs with opportunities to network with key people in innovation and investment and we are looking forward to the next Investor Ladder event…Read more