Hybrid Air Vehicles signs teaming agreement with AMRC

Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) will harness research expertise and advanced manufacturing technologies at the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) to deliver its Airlander 10 production and drive towards zero-emissions flight before 2030.

HAV and the AMRC have signed a teaming agreement that will see them working together to identify projects developing research, innovation, and training linked to HAV’s Airlander 10 production. As HAV prepares to launch the programme, the AMRC and the wider South Yorkshire Region present a unique combination of skills, supply chain, and expertise.

With a shared focus on aerospace manufacturing innovation and decarbonisation, HAV and the AMRC will bring together their expertise to address projects relating to zero-emissions propulsion and its supporting technologies. HAV aims for Airlander 10 to be the first aircraft capable of carrying up to 100 passengers to achieve zero emissions flight.

The AMRC is a global exemplar of manufacturing innovation, and its flagship Factory 2050 building in Sheffield is a showcase for technologies that HAV can leverage during the build out of the Airlander 10 production facility. This is one of several focus areas for the agreement between the two organisations, creating a green aerospace capability leveraging regional excellence…Read more