The Organic Research Centre

The Organic Research Centre (the trading name of the Progressive Farming Trust Ltd, a registered charity) is a research organisation committed to developing sustainable land management and food production systems based on organic and agroecological principles, disseminating knowledge, compiling evidence on systems performance and informing public debate, in order to ensure the health and wellbeing of soil, plant, animal, people and the environment.

The Organic Research Centre was established in 1980 as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ to address the major issues raised by a resource hungry global economy based on an intensive agricultural system. We believe we can develop a genuinely sustainable, equitable and healthy food system based on production methods that husband finite resources and enhance biodiversity.

The Centre is the UK’s leading independent research, development and advisory institution for organic agriculture, having played a pivotal role in the development of European organic research, policy and standards since 1980. We disseminate information through conferences, training and other events, websites, articles and policy papers, scientific papers and publications and the production of a regular journal – the ORC Bulletin. The organisation is based on Elm Farm, a 86-hectare (213-acre),
fully-converted farm and on a second site at Wakelyns Agroforestry in Suffolk, and works through a participatory network of established organic farms and other businesses.

The Organic Research Centre produces a number of publications throughout the year, including the Bulletin and the Organic Farm Management Handbook

Executive Director: Professor Nicolas Lampkin
Deputy Director: Dr Bruce Pearce
Turnover: £1 million
Number of staff: 23


Elm Farm
Hamstead Marshall
RG20 0HR

Tel: 01488 658 298
Fax: 01488 658 503