Institute for Environmental Analytics

The IEA is a cutting edge R&D organisation focussed on applying and visualising big data analytics in the environmental sector.

We specialise in helping you make sense of environmental data through applying our skills in machine learning, data analysis, system design and visualisation to produce data-driven analytics platforms and tools.

Combining a deep knowledge of the underpinning science and models behind the data with an appreciation of the need to present data in an engaging and meaningful manner, our speciality is in rapidly developing proof-of-concept data applications to de-risk your investment in new products and services or to improve your risk analysis operations.

We work with organisations large and small to help them turn data into competitive advantage through visualising existing data sources, analysing past historical trends and developing predictive analytics tools.

We also offer tailored training programmes to develop in-house capacity for data analysis.

Our projects cover a range of areas where environmental data is a strong driver such as agriculture, infrastructure monitoring, international development and risk management.

Chief Executive Officer: Colin McKinnon
Turnover: <£1 million
Number of staff: 20


Philip Lyle Building
University of Reading
Whiteknights Campus

Tel: 0118 378 6820