C-Tech Innovation

C-Tech Innovation is one of the UK’s most successful scientific new product development organisations. With clients across the globe in multiple sectors, we are focused on delivering outstanding solutions, helping them to maximise their potential for success. Our workforce is highly qualified, skilled and diverse – one which thrives on new and unique opportunities.

Research and Development
Our research group develops new products and technologies, either individually or in collaboration with external partners from academia and industry. Our core areas of expertise are advanced thermal processing, electrochemistry, environmental technologies and advanced materials.

Concept Design and Scoping
Our consultants have a diverse range of skills, which include new product development, business case development, stage and gate processes, project and programme management, enabling ideas to be designed, moulded and scoped.

Prototyping and Process Development
Our design engineers are knowledgeable in all areas of manufacture, especially rapid prototyping and machining, injection moulding and extrusion, machining and fabrication. We offer a range of engineering and manufacturing services.

Our end-to-end innovation management service supports clients through every step of the innovation journey, from initial idea creation through all the stages of business planning, from intellectual property management to successful new product launch.

Chief Executive Officer: Ged Barlow
Innovation Director: Rob Bell
Turnover: £4.5 million
Number of staff: 45


Capenhurst Technology Park

Tel: 0151 347 2900
Fax: 0151 347 2901
Email: info@ctechinnovation.com
Website: www.ctechinnovation.com